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posted by MoonLotus-Hime on 4th Apr 2016, 8:28 AM

Whelp, I'm starting Music in the Tarot Cards today. It shall be upday on Thusdays OR Fridays, which one I preferred, at 10am. Only uploaded 1 page of Prologe atm that is colored and only prologue shall be color, thus, rest of comic shall be B&W only. Hope you all enjoy the romance story of Runeildo and Kulap~<333


Also almost forgot to mention that I change bits of this website to suit the setting. Still working on it cuz so different than my other comic site that is Everlasting Garden Fields. Hope it doesn't bother you for most people here.


posted by MoonLotus-Hime on 30th Mar 2016, 10:13 AM

Young romance between Kulap Chanarong; a Tarot Cards reader and older Psychic twin of DokMei, and Runeildo Damiao; the wild goofball and singing guitarist. 
However, one prefer to live a life of calm lonely serenity and other want alot of people to party hard while live-while-you-can-way. Despite their different personality and ways, they share similar trait and situation.
But what will happened when two seperate world collide... For one tragic reason? Are they destined to fall in love or are they fated to be forever heartbroken?
Time can only tell for them...
Hey~ It's me, Thah S. Creator of Everlasting Garden Fields comic. 
I got wee bit impatient and anxious on my own comic for my two most going see couple, Runeildo and Kulap. In Everlasting Garden Fields it's mostly going be Nova POV, thus not much to see then. It may and may not show how much in-depth love between Runeildo and Kulap can be or flashback if I decide to tell it in story.
Thus, Music in the Tarot Cards is created for Runeildo and Kulap love story and how they came to be couple. I know. Weird as title I thought up and kept changing it for while but has a reason for it... Halfly.XD Bare with me now. This story contain Violence, Tragedy/Death and Harsh Language but it not that serious more PG 13 thing
Also wonder what about timeline to Music in the Tarot Cards and Everlasting Garden Fields if my few character from EGF goes in MitTC comic?
Actually in a Music in the Tarot Cards take place in middle school thus a years before they reach high school and Nova story begin. FYI in EGF, they are Senior btw and already couple and so the MitTC timeline align with EGF perfectly without messing up EGF storyline flow.
When will this start? Whenever I get a good prologue together and finish drawing them to start if really and depend on my mood/motivation.
Edit: Forgot mention it's slightly dark theme for reason.


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